So I listened to the David Dayen interview on Nick Hanauer’s Pitchfork Economics podcast. Hanauer said Biden is the most “consequential” President in 40…
Federal programs include Social Security, Medicare, veteran benefits, housing and food supplementation programs, and more!

November 2022

Introducing Canine Friends in D.C. and Democratic ReformsDear Readers, you are democracy-lovers. You are Leftists. You are true progressives. You understand that we must remove Big Money from the Ameri…

October 2022

With people around the country. All they need to do is enter their address/zip. It really helps with the down-ballot choices, like judges, school board…
Just a quick post, because I see a lot of Leftist People who resent voting Blue in 2022. Here’s what I have to say: There’s One Big Difference There is…

September 2022

Boost the best candidates for national office to save American rights and democracy. Back top noncorporate candidates and (even) corporate Democrats who…

July 2022

The final 2022 primaries happen in Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Louisiana.
There are unbought Democrats, Republicans, Independents and 3rd Party candidates galore! Support them, for the sake of political integrity and…

June 2022

In the form of 24/7 nonviolent protest and civil disobedience

May 2022

If we can't woo the Democratic Party leadership to the Left, maybe we need to shock them into reality.
Noncorporate Candidate updates for the May 17th primaries (ID, KY, NC, OR, PA) and other national candidate updates.
17 states plus DC have the chance to nominate progressive, noncorporate, anti-corruption candidates to U.S. Congress: CA, CO, DC, IL, IA, MN, MS MT, NJ…