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There was an article in this morning's Fort Worth Star-Telegram about why people don't vote. The reporter interviewed some people to find out. Here were the most telling explanations.

Lisa Sandlin, 61 and a long-time voter, is sitting this one out. She did the same in 2020 when the choice was Biden or Trump. "I did not vote because I didn't have anybody to vote for. I felt like it was worse for me to vote for somebody that I had zero faith in. It's horrible, but I have to weigh out what I'm personally comfortable with."

Awful choices force us perennially to choose not someone who we really want, but the person who is the least worst. This is the consequence of the two-party duopoly and no ranked choice voting.

Denys Guerrero, nineteen, can't find enough information about the candidates to make an informed decision. "I don't even know who I'm voting for because I'm not really sure how to check that kind of stuff. I tried looking for the resources, but it's very complicated. I was expecting a website where they give you the name . . . and what they want." She didn't find that information readily available.

So true. This is another instance where the mainstream media have failed the American people. Informative voter guides, like this one, are a rarity. Most voter guides are next to worthless. They don't give you an analysis of what the candidates think about the major issues. They never mention military spending, war, the two-party duopoly, foreign interventions by the U.S., multi-winner districts, ranked choice voting, and rarely universal healthcare. Why? Because these topics are outside the spectrum of opinion acceptable to our oligarchy. The oligarchy doesn't want us to discuss them and therefore denies us public forums for doing so.

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Great work!

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Gerrymandering is the primary tool for dismantling democracy. It's an art form for the Republicans.


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CNN is reporting this morning that voter enthusiasm is way down from the last election, and it's mostly on the Democratic side. Why would that be? Could it be that the ordinary citizen who votes for the "party of the people" feels like he/she has no voice whatsoever in the policies of the party and no influence whatsoever over his/her representatives? The Republicans don't have these expectations because they don't believe in democracy. They believe in oligarchy and are up front about it.

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