Of course, non-corporate candidates are preferred over corporate ones. However, it is more than a simple binary choice; it's a hierarchy of choices where some non-corporate candidates are preferred over others. Non-corporate candidates, not running on the Democratic Party (DP) ballot-line, do not have any effect on changing the DP either on the state or on the national levels. Of course, if the choice is between a Republican or a non-corporate candidate not running in the DP, the choice is clear. Berniecrats (Our Revolution) has and will continue to support these candidates.

The problem, for those of us who believe Bernie's goals and in his strategy of restructuring the DP, is when a neoliberal ally is running against a non-DP non-corporate candidate. Berniecrats in this case will choose the neoliberal in most cases. I use, as a prime example, Barbara Lee. There are others who taper off in degrees. The issue is even more important when you consider that candidates not running on the DP ballot-line take away critical votes from those who believe that Bernie's strategy is the best one for changing the system.

Therefore, while I do think that you provide a valuable service, you are not seeing the bigger and more important picture. Berniecrats are not alone in understanding the importance of electing candidates using the DP ballot-line.

This strategy is being used by:

1. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) 2021-22 National Electoral Strategy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VpSL2DnwVtk93aYoiFlhtpHW8mXpHELL/view (pp.3-4, § 2, ¶¶ 2, 3, 6); and see: https://convention2021.dsausa.org/2021-dsa-convention-resolutions/ Search text for: ballot-line at Resolutions #6, #8, #11 (3, 5). and see:

2. Social Democrats USA (SDUSA): https://socialistcurrents.org/?page_id=621 @ Item #6, “A strategy, in general, to work within the Democratic Party….”

https://socialistcurrents.org/?page_id=18 @ item eleven. “WE, IN GENERAL, WORK WITHIN THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM IN THE UNITED STATES.”

3. Progressive Democrats of America (PDA): https://pdamerica.org/about-pda/, and

4. Working Families Party (WFP): https://workingfamilies.org/about/

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