Elect these candidates for a functional U.S. Congress that serves the people
Many progressive wins are possible, with a little help from you.
There are unbought Democrats, Republicans, Independents and 3rd Party candidates galore! Support them, for the sake of political integrity and…
17 states plus DC have the chance to nominate progressive, noncorporate, anti-corruption candidates to U.S. Congress: CA, CO, DC, IL, IA, MN, MS MT, NJ…
12 states get to nominate progressive, noncorporate, anti-machine candidates for election.
If we can't woo the Democratic Party leadership to the Left, maybe we need to shock them into reality.
And Nina Turner loses her OH-11 primary, thanks to Big Money interference.
Federal programs include Social Security, Medicare, veteran benefits, housing and food supplementation programs, and more!
With people around the country. All they need to do is enter their address/zip. It really helps with the down-ballot choices, like judges, school board…
Noncorporate candidates include Ranked Choice Voting in their campaign platforms.
To pay, or not to pay...
A list of the noncorporate Texas candidates